Welcome to United Baptist Church

Allow me to give you a personal invitation to United Baptist Church. A Church that is committed to seek the face of God for revival and depend upon Him daily to live in revival.

My heart’s desire is that God brings a personal Revival to your life. Revival is a restoration to “Spiritual Life” or as the Bible puts it “the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” (Rom 8:2) This is the need for your life as well as mine; in fact, it is the need of the world. Revival is not an event or a week of meetings, it is a person, and that person is Christ!

This is the need of hour! In the day in which we live, churches seem to either be dead with religion ceremonies or they manufacture the “feeling” of life by making church more like a stage show, rather than church. It breaks my heart to see churches all over this land forsake Christ for a crowd or for a creed.

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